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MotherSage CBD - Self Care Inspirational Quotes


Epsom Salts - Contains magnesium which is one of the three essential minerals for total body function and can help with muscle recovery while promoting sleep.
Sea Salts - Abundant in minerals, a great source of micronutrients, promotes brain, muscle and nervous system function, filled with electrolytes.
Lavender - Antiseptic and soothing properties. It helps to prevent infection and irritation while contributing to relaxation.
Peppermint Oil - Pure and natural essential oil of mentha piperita helps to relieve pain, skin irritation and inflammation while encouraging circulation and contributing to the cleansing and toning of the skin.
Eucalyptus Oil - Eases breathing and improves respiratory infection, reduces pain and muscle tension, supports antimicrobial action.

AN EVOLUTION IN SKINCARE – Where our Bath Salts go beyond other products in the market is the inclusion of the wonder cosmetics ingredient “CBD”.
CBD – is a natural bioactive ingredient with strong anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and anti-bacterial properties that helps fight free radicals that are created in the skin by UV radiation. CBD can also help to stimulate the healing process and actively provides an antimicrobial effect on the skin.

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