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MotherSage CBD - Self-Care Tips

Here are some ideas for a Self-Care Day at home:

1. Meditate - a kinder way to start your day! Reduces anxiety and gives a sense of calm.
2. Go for a walk in nature - time in nature has been proven to be good for us.
3. Put on a face mask (CBD face masks coming in 2022) - Soooo relaxing.
4. Soak in a warm bath (should we do a shameless plug for the Bath Salts here 🤔😂)
5. Have an ‘unplug’ day - Let's face it, it's difficult to unplug but we get a greater sense of relaxation if we can!
6. Declutter your space - Channel your inner Marie Kondo, you always feel better after!
7. Relax any healthy diet rules - It's important to be healthy but it's also important to give yourself a break.
8. Watch The Notebook again - this one is optional 😂

We believe our range of MotherSage products help with Self-Care.


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