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Hempe CBD SOS Balm - for Dry or Irritated Skin

🧴USE SOS FOR YOUR SKIN DISTRESS - for acutely irritated, inflamed and dry skin. Suitable for treating skin with eczema and atopic dermatitis.
🏥 REGENERATE YOUR SKIN - Active ingredients encourage skin regeneration and restructuring.
😎 CALMS ITCHING - Our soothing SOS balm helps to reduce itching and tension.
🍃 NATURE’S PHARMACY - The power of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties with the best of what else mother nature has on offer for skin emergencies - shea butter, jojoba oil, pure bio lavender oil and squalene.
💨 QUICK ABSORPTION AND RAPID ACTION - Very quickly absorbed without a greasy feeling. Rapid delivery of active ingredients to the desired area.
😀 NON TOXIC & 100% NON-PSYCHOACTIVE - Derived from certified EU hemp variety with none of the psychoactive effects associated with THC.
😇 FANTASTIC FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Free from anything that would irritate. Suitable for delicate skin and all skin types.

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